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Cold Cube
Cold Cube
Cold Cube
Cold Cube
Cold Cube
Cold Cube
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Cold Cube

    • LONG-LASTING COLD: Keep the cold flowing with these reusable ice cubes. These plastic, refreezable cubes are easier and more convenient than refilling ice trays, and you'll always have them ready to go when you keep them in your freezer.
    • EXTRA LARGE CUBES: Most no melt ice cubes are small 1-inch cubes which melt quickly in comparison to our 2.6 inch freezer cubes, making Cold Cubes perfect for large containers, pitchers, cold therapy machines, and more.
    • COLD THERAPY UNITS: Cold Cubes were originally created to be used with cryotherapy units such as the Arctic Ice System or Polar Vortex. They are designed to stay cold for longer, extending time you can use a cold therapy machine without refilling.
    • BPA-FREE PLASTIC: Safety is a top priority for us. These colored ice cubes are made with BPA-Free Plastic and filled with clean water to ensure whether you are using them in a drink or a machine, there's no contamination in case of breakage.
    • 6 CUBE PACK: Included in the box are 6 individiual extra large cubes. When using with an ice therapy machine or large drink container, you can alternate between 4 cubes in the unit and 2 waiting in the freezer so you always have them on hand.


Extra-large reusable ice cubes that are bpa free, are great for a range of uses:

 Housewares and Outdoor Activities

  • Use in hard or soft Coolers
  • Punch bowls
  • Water pitchers

Water Therapy Systems

  • Use to help assist in ice rotations

 This cube is 2.6” square which is three to four times bigger than other reusable ice cubes.  This is a one-of-a-kind ice cube that will make your ice rotation so much easier.